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Xinxiang HY Crane Co., Ltd.



Advanced Equipment
The company has installed an intelligent equipment management platform, and has installed 310 sets (sets) of handling and welding robots. After the completion of the plan, there will be more than 500 sets (sets), and the equipment networking rate will reach 95%. 32 welding lines have been put into use, 50 are planned to be installed, and the automation rate of the entire product line has reached 85%.

Fully Automatic Double-Girder Main Girder Inner Seam Robot Welding Workstation
This workstation is mainly used to realize the automatic welding of the inner seam of the main girder of the double girder. After the manual feeding is basically centered in the horizontal and vertical directions, the workpiece is turned ±90° by the L-arm hydraulic turning machine, and the robot automatically seeks the welding position. The quality of the weld seam has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of the welding of crane structural parts has been improved, especially the welding of the inner weld seam has shown great advantages. It is also another measure of Henan Mine to care for employees and improve quality and efficiency.

Single Girder Main Girder Inner Seam Robot Welding Workstation

The company cooperates with Beijing Crane and Transportation Machinery Design and Research Institute, employs German crane experts, and completes the "single beam crane flexible production line", so that the main beam production line of the crane can produce finished products every hour, the production time is reduced by 40%, and the customer delivery cycle is shortened 50%. Since 2016, the robot welding assembly line has been gradually introduced, which can complete various weld seam welding of the company's single-beam standard products.


"Robot Family"


Gear piece intelligent automatic production unit.


LD wheel axle intelligent automatic production unit.


Automatic loading and unloading robot.


End beam welding robot assembly line.


New end beam robot welding workstation.


Electric hoist reel cover robot welding workstation.