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Xinxiang HY Crane Co., Ltd.


Cost saving efficient electrical semi gantry crane

Short Description:

The semi gantry crane stands out with its unique design, providing flexibility, cost savings, and enhanced safety features. Its applications span across different industries, making it a valuable asset in improving productivity and operational efficiency.

  • The capacity: 2-10ton
  • The span: 10-20m
  • The working grade: A5
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    semi gantry crane banner

    A semi gantry crane is a versatile and efficient lifting equipment that plays a crucial role in various industries. Unlike a traditional gantry crane , a semi gantry crane has one leg supported by the building structure while the other leg runs on a rail or tracks mounted on the floor. This unique design offers several advantages.

    Firstly, the semi gantry crane provides excellent flexibility in space-constrained areas. With one leg supported by the structure, it allows for easy movement and operation in tight spaces, maximizing usable floor space. This makes it ideal for industries such as manufacturing, warehouses, and logistics centers where efficient use of space is essential.

    Secondly, the semi gantry crane offers great cost savings compared to a full gantry crane. By utilizing the existing building structure as support, it eliminates the need for constructing additional support columns or beams. This not only reduces the overall installation cost but also saves valuable time during the setup process.

    Furthermore, the semi gantry crane offers ease of operation and enhanced safety features. The design allows for smooth and precise movement of loads, ensuring efficient material handling. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced safety devices such as overload protection, anti-collision systems, and emergency stop buttons, ensuring the well-being of both operators and the surrounding environment.

    The semi gantry crane finds extensive applications across various industries. In manufacturing plants, it is commonly used for loading and unloading heavy materials onto production lines. In shipyards, it assists in the assembly and maintenance of ships. In construction sites, it aids in lifting and moving construction materials. Additionally, it is also utilized in logistics centers for efficient warehousing operations.

    technical parameters

    semi gantry crane schematic drawing
    parameters of semi gantry crane
    Item Unit Result
    Lifting capacity ton 2-10
    Lifting height m 6   9
    Span m 10-20
    Working environment  temperature °C -20~40
    Travelling speed m/min 20-40
    lifting speed m/min 8   0.8/8          7  0.7/7
    travelling speed m/min 20
    working system A5
    power source three-phase 380V 50HZ

    product details

    semi gantry crane showcase 1
    semi gantry crane showcase 2
    semi gantry crane showcase 2
    semi gantry crane main girder

    Main girder

    Steel plant material Q235B/Q345B with seamless once forming. CNC Cutting for complete steel plant.


    Protection class F.Single/Double speed,trolley,reducer,drum,motor ,overload limiter switch

    semi gantry crane hoist
    semi gantry crane outrigger


    The legs are welded with high strength steel, and the rollers are installed below for easy movement.


    The wheels of crane crab, main beam and end carriage .

    semi gantry crane wheels
    semi gantry crane hook


    Drop Forged Hook, Plain ‘C’ type, Swiveling on Thrust Bearing, equipped with belt buckle.

    Wireless Remote Control

    Model: F21 F23 F24 Speed: Single speed, double speed. VFD control. Life of 500000 times.

    semi gantry crane wireless remote control

    Fine Workmanship

    low noise


    fine workmanship


    spot wholesale


    excellent material


    quality assurance


    after sale service


    semi gantry crane raw material

    Raw Material

    GB/T700 Q235B and Q355B
    Carbon Strctural Steel, best quality steel plate from China Top-Class mills with Diestamps inlude heat treatment number and bathch number, it can be tracked.

    semi gantry crane welding


    American welding Society, all important welds are carried out in accordance with welding procedures strictly.After welding, a certain amount of NDT control is carried out.

    semi gantry crane welding joint

    Welding Joint

    The appearance is uniform.The joints between the weld passes are smooth.All off the welding slags and splashes are cleared out. There are no faults such as cracks,pores,bruises etc.

    semi gantry crane painting


    Before painting metal surfaces are shot peening sa required, two coats of pimer before assembly,two coats of synthetic enamel after testing. Painting adhesion is accorded to the class I of GB/T 9286.

    HYCrane VS Others

    Our Material

    Our Material

    1. The raw material procurement process is strict and has been inspected by quality inspectors.
    2. The materials used are all steel products from major steel mills, and the quality is guaranteed.
    3. Strictly code into inventory.

    1. Cut corners, originally used 8mm steel plate,but used 6mm for customers.
    2. As shown in the picture, old equipment is often used for refurbishment.
    3. Procurement of non-standard steel from small manufacturers, product quality is unstable.

    Other Brands

    Other Brands

    Our Motor

    Our Motor

    1. Motor reducer and brake are three-in-one structure
    2. Low noise, stable operation and low maintenance cost.
    3. The built-in anti-drop chain can prevent the bolts from being loosened, and avoid the harm to the human body caused by the accidental fall of the motor.

    1.Old-style motors: It is noisy, easy to wear, short service life, and high maintenance cost.
    2. The price is low and the quality is very poor.

    Other Brands

    Other Brands

    Our Wheels

    Our Wheels

    All wheels are heat-treated and modulated, and the surface is coated with anti-rust oil to increase the aesthetics.

    1. Do not use splash fire modulation, easy to rust.
    2. Poor bearing capacity and short service life.
    3. Low price.

    Other Brands

    Other Brands

    our controller

    our controller

    our inverters make the crane run more stable and safe, and make the maintenance of the more intelligent and easy.

    the self-adjusting function of inverter allows motor to self-adjust its power output according to the load of the hoisted object at any time, thereby saving the factory costs.

    the control method of the ordinary contactor allows the crane to reach the maximum power after it is started, which not only causes the whole structure of the crane to shake to a certain degree at the moment of starting, but also slowly loses the service life of the motor.

    Other Brands

    other brands


    • packing and delivery time
    • we have a complete production security system and experienced workers to ensure timely or early delivery.
    • research and development

    • professional power
    • brand

    • strength of the factory.
    • production

    • years of experience.
    • custom

    • spot is enough.
    semi gantry crane packing and delivery 01
    semi gantry crane packing and delivery 02
    semi gantry crane packing and delivery 03
    semi gantry crane packing and delivery 04
    • asia

    • 10-15days
    • middle east

    • 15-25days
    • africa

    • 30-40days
    • europe

    • 30-40days
    • america

    • 30-35days

    By national station exporting standard plywood box,wooden palletor in 20ft & 40ft container. Or as per your demands.

    semi gantry crane packing and delivery policy

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