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Xinxiang HY Crane Co., Ltd.


Customized Workshop New Model Double Girder Overhead Crane for sale

Short Description:

Design suitable bridge crane products according to customer needs, allowing customers to obtain maximum benefits with the minimum amount of money

  • Lifting capacity: 5-320ton
  • Span length: 10.5-31.5m
  • Working grade: A5-A7
  • Product Detail

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    double girder bridge crane


    QD electric double girder overhead crane

    QD electric double girder overhead crane with hook is widely used hoisting machinery currently. The load handling device is the hook. The crane, of classfication group of A3-A57, has a commonly used lifting load of 3-250t, so that it is suitable ti work in factories, warehouses and freight yards where the ambient temperacture is -25℃~ +40℃ and the relative humidity is not more than 85%. It is prohibited ti work in the environment with inflammable, esplosive and corrosive gas.


    LH Model Electric Hoist Bridge Crane

    LH model electric hoist bridge crane has such features as tight dimensions, low building headroom, light dead weight and light wheel load. They are applicable to the transfer, assembly, check and repar as well as load and unload at mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouse, goods yard and power station, production workshop in light textiles or food industry.. It is forbidden to work in environment with combustible, explosive or corrosive media.

    double girder hoist crane
    magnet bridge crane


    Electromagnetic bridge cranes

    Electromagnetic bridge cranes are used for hoisting and transporting heavy objects and are widely used in factories, warehouses, docks and other places. It can install and repair heavy machinery and equipment, carry out cargo loading and unloading operations and stacking operations, as well as ship loading and unloading operations. The electromagnetic bridge crane has high load-bearing capacity and precise control, which can improve work efficiency, reduce manpower input, and ensure the safe transportation of materials.


    Grab bridge cranes 

    Grab bridge cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading large quantities of goods at large construction sites, ports, mines and other places. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and high stability, and can lift bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand and soil quickly and accurately. The grab bridge crane has a large grab force and is advantageous for loading and unloading heavy materials. It not only improves the loading and unloading speed and reduces labor costs, but also ensures the safety and accuracy of the operation process. It is widely used in the fields of engineering construction and logistics.

    grab overhead crane
    founding overhead crane


    Foundry crane

    Foundry crane is one of the main equipment in the continuous casting technology of steelmaking. It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter; lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting molten steel from molten steel bay to ladle turrent of continuous casting machine.

    The foundry crane desingned and manufactured has advance technology and novel structure. the crane is safe, reliable, long0lasting and economical, and easy to be maintained.

    HYCrane VS Others

    crane Material

    Our Material


    1. The raw material procurement process is strict and has been inspected by quality inspectors.
    2. The materials used are all steel products from major steel mills, and the quality is guaranteed.
    3. Strictly code into inventory.

    1. Cut corners, originally used 8mm steel plate,but used 6mm for customers.
    2. As shown in the picture, old equipment is often used for refurbishment.
    3. Procurement of non-standard steel from small manufacturers, product quality is unstable.

    Other Brands Material

    Other Brands

    crane motor

    Our Material


    1. Motor reducer and brake are three-in-one structure
    2. Low noise, stable operation and low maintenance cost.
    3. The built-in anti-drop chain can prevent the bolts from being loosened, and avoid the harm to the human body caused by the accidental fall of the motor.

    1.Old-style motors: It is noisy, easy to wear, short service life, and high maintenance cost.
    2. The price is low and the quality is very poor.



    other brand motor

    Other Brands


    crane wheel

    Our Wheels


    All wheels are heat-treated and modulated, and the surface is coated with anti-rust oil to increase the aesthetics.




    1. Do not use splash fire modulation, easy to rust.
    2. Poor bearing capacity and short service life.
    3. Low price.



    other brand wheel

    Other Brands


    crane Controller

    Our Controller

    1. Our inverters only make the crane run more stable and safe, but also the fault alarm function of the inverter makes the maintenance of the crane easier and more intelligent.
    2. The self-adjusting function of inverter allows motor to self-adjust its power output according to the load of the hoisted object at any time, thereby saving the factory costs.

    The control method of the ordinary contactor allows the crane to reach the maximum power after it is started, which not only causes the whole structure of the crane to shake to a certain degree at the moment of starting, but also slowly loses the service life of the motor.

    other brand crane Controller

    Other Brands




    Satisfy the users' choice under different condition.
    Usage: used in factories, warehouse, material stocks to lift goods, to meet the daily lifting work.


    Production Workshop




    Store Workshop


    Plastic Mold Workshop


    We have a complete production security system and experienced workers to ensure timely or early delivery.


    Professional power.


    Strength ofthe factory.


    Years ofexperience.


    Spot isenough.

    Bridge crane loading
    crane cabin loading
    crane trolley loading
    crane beam loading



    Middle East








    By National Station exporting standard plywood box,wooden palletor in 20ft & 40ft Container.Or as per your demands.


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