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Xinxiang HY Crane Co., Ltd.


Factory outlet price electric jib crane for warehouse

Short Description:

Discover the efficient jib crane services offered by our HYCrane, unlocking seamless lifting solutions. Experience unrivaled reliability and convenience, enhancing your productivity with ease. Choose our jib crane for superior performance and exceptional results.

  • The capacity: 0.5-16t
  • Slewing speed: 0.5-20 r/min
  • Hoisting speed: 8/0.8m/min
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    floor mounted electric jib crane

    Our floor-mounted electric jib cranes offer unrivaled advantages over traditional crane systems, making them the perfect choice for businesses, factories and warehouses looking to optimize their lifting operations. With its innovative design and cutting-edge features, this crane will revolutionize your productivity.
    One of the key advantages of our lower column jib cranes is their space saving capabilities. Unlike traditional cranes that require a large dedicated footprint, our floor-mounted jib cranes can be easily installed in your existing layout. The low column design ensures minimal disturbance to surrounding structures, allowing for smooth, fast movement of material. By utilizing vertical space efficiently, the crane eliminates the need for costly extensions or relocations, saving you time and money.
    Another notable feature of the floor-mounted electric jib crane is its excellent load-carrying capacity. Made of strong and durable materials, this crane can handle heavy loads with ease. Its robust construction guarantees optimum performance, ensuring safe and reliable lifting operations. Additionally, the motorized mechanism increases precision and control, allowing the operator to navigate objects with the utmost precision.
    The versatility of our lower column jib crane is another reason why it stands out in the market. With its 360-degree swivel feature, it offers unrestricted access to every corner of the workspace. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple lifting devices, providing a cost-effective and simplified solution. Whether you need to transport goods in a small workshop or a spacious warehouse, this crane can be seamlessly adapted to your specific requirements.
    Safety is always our top priority and our floor mounted electric jib cranes reflect this commitment. It is equipped with advanced safety features, such as overload protection and emergency clamps, ensuring a safe working environment for the operator and the goods being transported. In addition, user-friendly controls and ergonomic design guarantee ease of use and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries during operation.

    Duty group: Class C (intermediate)

    Lifting capacity: 0.5-16t

    Valid radius: 4-5.5m

    Slewing speed: 0.5-20 r/min

    Hoisting speed: 8/0.8m/min

    Circulate speed: 20 m/min

    Product Drawing

    drawing of floor mounted electric jib crane

    Technical Parameters

    Item Unit Specifications
    Capacity ton 0.5-16
    Valid radius m 4-5.5
    Lifting height m 4.5/5
    Hoisting speed m/min 0.8 / 8
    Slewing speed r/min 0.5-20
    Circulated speed m/min 20
    Slewing angle degree 180°/270°/ 360°

    Fine Workmanship



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    low noise


    HY Crane

    Fine Workmanship




    After-sale Service


    We take great pride in the quality and workmanship of our cranes as they are carefully designed and built to meet the highest standards in the industry. With a focus on durability, efficiency and safety, our lifting equipment is the perfect solution for all your heavy lifting needs.
    What sets our lifting equipment apart is our attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Every component of our cranes undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure optimum performance and longevity. From precision crafted gantry systems to robust frames and advanced control mechanisms, every aspect of our lifting equipment is engineered with precision and expertise.
    Whether you need a crane for a construction site, manufacturing plant or any other heavy-duty job, our lifting equipment is the epitome of reliability and efficiency. With their craftsmanship and superior engineering, our cranes deliver exceptional lifting capabilities, allowing you to move any load with ease and confidence. Invest in our reliable and durable lifting equipment today and experience the power and precision our products bring to your operation.

    jib crane 01

    Easy to operate

    Excellent performance,reasonable design, high work efficiency, saving time and effort

    jib crane 02

    Reasonable structure

    The whole machine has beautiful structure, good manufacturability, wide working space and stable operation

    jib crane 03

    Support Customization

    Can be customized according to needs



    We have a complete production security system and experienced workers to ensure timely or early delivery.


    Professional power.


    Strength ofthe factory.


    Years ofexperience.


    Spot isenough.

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    jib crane transport 02
    jib crane transport 03
    jib crane transport 04



    Middle East








    By National Station exporting standard plywood box,wooden palletor in 20ft & 40ft Container.Or as per your demands.

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